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The Magical Aphrodisiac Effect Of The Jasmine.

Jasmine is a beautiful flower universally known as an aphrodisiac oil used in many perfumes and candles. Is a rich, sweet and with a warm seductive smell. This oil is been used in India for centuries to improve the libido and promote intimacy dissolving barriers. When it comes to the art of silent seduction,nothing comes close to the subtle power of fragrance since profoundly effects on human body. Scientists have proven that smell create an stronger link to memory and emotions than any other sense and Jasmine is one of the most famous flowers that create these unforgettable moments. The reason of this effect is connected to the fact of sensuality in fragrances tends to be connected with the idea...

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A Brief History Of The Candle Making.

  Candle making develop differently in many places throughout history, Romans begin about 500 BC using animal tallow. Also there is evidences of using  whale fat in China back to the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), in india the wax was obtain boiling cinnamon for temple candles. In other parts like Africa they use olives for the lamp oils, but only until early middle -ages , Candles were made from beeswax  witch was a very expensive material to obtain , at the beginning only the king could afford it. More closely to our times paraffin was invented and introduced to the market in 1850s after a chemist learned how to refine it from the petroleum. Now in modern times, we are...

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